Instructor: Jim Kennedy, Bat Conservation International

Jim “Crash” Kennedy is a bat biologist and one of the leading cave gate designers in the United States.  He has been caving since 1973, and is a Fellow and Life Member of the National Speleological Society.  He sits on the Steering Committee for the National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, and has been teaching cave management workshops for 15 years.  He is also on the board of the Texas Speleological Survey and the Texas Cave Management Association.

Participant Max: 30


Duration:  Half Day. Lunch not included in registration.


Workshop Fee: $35



This workshop will discuss bats that use caves and cave-like structures, cave assessment, management, and protection, and cave habitat restoration. Includes supporting resource materials.


Subject Matter:

          Why bats use caves (or not!)

          Even if there are no bats, it might still be a bat cave

                   assessing caves for bats

                   microclimate monitoring

                   habitat restoration

                   bat cave management and protection


Skill Level:

Participants need to understand the different types of caves, have a basic understanding of cave ecosystems, and be cognizant of some of the threats and pressures to cave resources.



Participants will be able to identify current and historic bat caves, be able to roughly assess populations and prioritize as to importance, be able to assess for human-induced changes and suggest remediation, and know of a variety of management and protection techniques and generally tell when each is appropriate.


Equipment: No equipment necessary.



NCKMS 2013 at NCKRI  -  400-1 Cascades Avenue  -  Carlsbad  -  New Mexico  - 88220