Deadlines The following deadlines will be enforced: June 1, 2013: Draft manuscripts due August 14, 2013:
Authors provided with review and comments September 9, 2013: Final papers due

The theme for the 2013 NCKMS symposium is "A Changing Climate," and will address the topic of climate change in the broadest sense, to include the impact of changes in our physical climate as well as changes in the political, technological, and social climate on cave and karst management. However, we encourage authors to submit papers on all topics relevant to the management of caves and karst resources. Presentations should be 15 minutes long followed by a five-minute question and answer period. Longer presentations will be considered based on available time. If you would be interested in chairing a session or panel discussion, please contact us as early as possible to make arrangements. We encourage authors to submit full papers, but extended abstracts will also be considered. Manuscript submissions must include the title of the paper, all authors’ names, affiliations, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, a brief biographical sketch of the primary author (maximum 150 words), and an abstract of the paper (maximum 250 words, not counting title, authors, and contact information). Abstracts should summarize the main facts and conclusions to be presented at the conference; an abstract does not simply list what will be discussed. Please include a suggested topic area from the topics tab below, and indicate your preference for an oral or poster presentation.

    Papers must be submitted electronically via the NCKMS website using the provided MS Word template to ensure correct formatting, fonts, and layout. The correct fonts, sizes, margins, etc., are already built into the template; please do not change them. The maximum length of each manuscript is limited to ten (10) pages, including all figures, text, and a list of references cited. Include the author’s biography at the end of the paper following the list of references. Questions regarding manuscripts should be directed to Lewis Land by email or by calling 575-887-5508. See the style sheet below for some basic recommendations on writing style. We ask that authors employ the metric system at all times when citing units in the text. English units may be inserted parenthetically at the author’s discretion. The Symposium Staff will review all abstracts and papers and may edit them in cooperation with the authors. Please include any special requests for audio-visual equipment. Special needs will require sufficient advance notice. For questions about the conference program and scheduling of papers and sessions, contact Jim Goodbar or Aaron Stockton by email or call 575-234-5929. The deadline for submitting manuscripts is June 1, 2013. Our goal is to have the conference proceedings volume available to conference attendees at the 2013 conference. For this reason, the September 9, 2013 deadline for submitting final papers for publication in the Symposium Proceedings will be strictly enforced. Authors presenting their paper as a poster will be limited to a maximum space of 4 ft high by 8 ft wide (1.22 m by 2.44 m). The Poster Session will be a designated time for authors to answer questions.

    The proposed topic area for your abstract should be indicated from the following list of tentative conference topics, or you may indicate “other” (for example, regulations, history, art): Biology
Geology and Hydrology
Caves, Karst, and the Public
Education and Interpretation
Cave and Karst Resource Management – National
Cave and Karst Resource Management – International

    Photographs and figures should be included for formatting purposes in the MS Word manuscript at the sizes and in the locations you desire. They must also be uploaded as individual separate files via the NCKMS website with your manuscript. The editors will use the separate files to replace those in the MS Word file in order to preserve maximum quality of the images. The name of the author should be included as part of each file name. Digital photos should be submitted in jpeg format, graphics as TIF files, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Figures at 300 dpi resolution should be 3” x 4” (900x1200 pixels). Color graphics are acceptable. Please contact Lewis Land, for questions about formatting.

    Please adhere to the following style guidelines. Abbreviations • a.m., p.m. (lower case only) • US, USA (no periods) • TAG (no periods) • mm, cm, m, km, mg, g, kg, ml, l, etc. (no periods for metric units) Formatting: • Define paragraphs by double spacing between them; do not indent • Emphasis: use italics, not bold, capitals or underlines • Compass directions, such as southern, northern, etc., are not capitalized • Spell out acronyms in the first reference; for example, National Speleological Society (NSS). • No double space between sentences Numbers: • Use metric units at all times. If necessary, English units may follow in parentheses • one through nine (written out) • 10,11 . . . 99 . . . 263 . . . (numerals) • two-thirds of the supplies (spell out fractions in descriptions) • 1/4-inch bolt (use numeric fractions for measurements) • 1980s (no apostrophe) • 12 to 15 feet (not 12-15 feet) • 350-foot pit (use hyphen when number is part of a compound adjective) Terms Used A Lot by Cavers: • ridgewalk, borehole (one word, no hyphens) • grottos are cave clubs, grottoes are shelter caves • rappel, rappelled, rappelling (commonly misspelled) • led (past tense and past participle of the verb "lead") • climb-up, climb-down, down-climb, pull-down trip, through-trip • handhold, foothold, groundwater (single words) • Trademarks: Fastex®, Velcro® (hook-and-loop material is generic) • archeology, not archaeology • it's: only used for contraction (it is) and NOT for possessive (e.g., "the cave had lost its appeal to me...") This style sheet was adapted with permission from the National Speleological (NSS) News Style Sheet.

    The following deadlines will be enforced: June 1, 2013: Draft manuscripts due August 14, 2013:
Authors provided with review and comments September 9, 2013: Final papers due

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